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About Us

Let’s introduce us…

After 10 years of international sales and marketing management in the automotive industry, we founded the LMI agency in 2017 with the idea to bring a mature process to influencer marketing.

Fabrice, the CEO, has spent years as a content creator and influencer.

With the passion of the gaming industry and a different approach from a very structured industry, we started our agency in France with our first customer AMAZON to provide a custom approach to the Influencer Marketing in the US/EU with a long term vision.

Our mission is to connect influencers, brands and customers with mobile gaming communities.

We avoid aggressive marketing and incourage smooth integration to promote brands.

LMI Lordfab, Talent Marketing Intelligence Agency for the best Mobile Games Creators, influencers and E-sports based in France

E-sports consultancy

Moreover, organising various tournaments dedicated to mobile games gaves us a lot of experience about what is mandatory for E-sports in a game to be a sucess.
This feed back is from players and talents :

  • What fonctions are mandatory in the game
  • What Tournaments style players like / don’t like
  • What mistakes to avoid
  • What is the culture depending on the country

We also have a large base of talents on similar titles that can make tests for Beta / Alpha